SVMS Before & After:

The application for Before/After Care can be found on the “Enroll” menu, or by clicking here.

Tuition may be paid yearly in advance or by monthly payment for 10 months:

7:30-8:20 am Dismissal-5:30 pm
3-5 days/week $4.00 per day 3-5 days/week $10.00 per day
1-2 days/week $5.00 per day 1-2 days/week $12.00 per day
Drop-in rate $5.00 flat fee Drop-in rate $14.00 flat fee

**Preschool children who arrive prior to 8:20am will be shown to the Before Care program, and families will be billed a drop-in charge.

Drop–In Care

We can only offer drop-in care in the Before and After Care programs if it is not at capacity, and we can still meet NC mandated staffing regulations.


Please verify by calling the office at 669-8571 to ensure space is available for drop-in care.