Parents are an essential component in the SVMS community. The partnership between parents, the teaching staff, and the Board of Directors benefits the children, the school and the community. Parents literally helped build the school, from bookshelves to furniture to learning tools. Parents continue to donate time as classroom aids, field trip chaperones, for special workdays and fundraising events, on committees and much more. The strength a community can achieve by working together provides a role model for our children that will be remembered for years to come.

Volunteer Work

SVMS requires that all families commit to at least 20 hours of volunteer work per academic year. Because  your time is valuable, upon completion of volunteer time, the $200 Placement Deposit will be applied to the  last month’s tuition payment. If you complete less than twenty hours your credit will be at a rate of $10 per  hour of time spent working. Withdrawal of a student before the end of the school year is an automatic forfeit  of the Placement Deposit fee regardless of the volunteer hours served.

As a member of the SVMS community, all families are required to volunteer in some shape or form. Make a year-long commitment to support the work of the Board of Directors is doing, by joining a Board committee. These committees exist to enhance the relationship between the Board, school and its families by organizing activities that allow parents to support and further participate in the life of the school. These activities take form in cultural, educational, social, and fundraising events that the committee, in conjunction with the whole parent body, initiates, organizes and coordinates. A few of these committees will work to support the administrative structure of the school by working directly with the Board of Directors and school administration.

  • Building Community committee coordinates potlucks, dinners, and social events held several times a year and welcomes new families.
  • Facilities committee analyzes and identifies facility needs, plans and implements long term facility plans and needs and monitors maintenance needs through the year.
  • Development committee coordinates, implements, and communicates the planned fundraising events and/or sales for the school year. In addition they plan and implement a marketing and promotions schedule for the year.
  • The Parent Volunteer & Community Outreach helps organize the parent “foot soldiers” who will do groundwork for all the planned events, and the volunteers who directly support the school programs and classrooms. In addition they help plan and coordinate community service projects that the school gets involved with.

While many of these committees will be hands on with planning and implementing events, other will be working to maintain and create the strong structures that hold up the operations of the school. Join a SC to support the school and know that you are doing important work for the community that intellectually nourishes your family.