Ms. Hannah’s got some moves!
Field Day fun!
Live action trade
Releasing our butterflies 2018
The Montessor Enrichment class acting out their story play with Leiden as the narrator!   I think their ready for Broadway!
The Montessor Enrichment class acting out their story play with Leiden as the narrator!
Just throwing the ball around!
Videos of the Warhorse visit with Landon
Camden demonstrating confidence on the sewing machine.
Sometimes you just gotta take a break and boogie down.
Wishing all of you moms out there a happy Mother's Day weekend! Here's a sweet song our preschoolers sang to their moms following our annual Mother's Day tea. Thank you to our wonderful kids and to Jay Brown for teaching them his original song called Meditations on Mom.
Happy birthday to our Ms. Diane!
~From our Upper Elementary class
A taste of LEAF with our elementary classes! Come see our kiddos perform with the dynamic sister group SHEL! October 22nd at noon on the main stage.

Performers: remember to arrive at Owen Middle School for LEAF check in and shuttle 2 hours before our performance.
Our school community is so fortunate to have such talented parents. Thank you to Sahana and her mom for sharing music from India with us today.
In case you missed the Elementary & Kindergarten kids performing Joy to the World at Holly Jolly. Enjoy!
We've learning about the Family of the Sun. The volume is a bit low, but the acting is top notch!
No volume until 11:21 min,   did anyone else record the perfor...
Throw a balloon at an elementary student!
Sack Hop!
Field Day Fun!
Gift to be simple, Firefly Class 2014/2015
This is my favorite moment in teaching, when the child blends for the first time!   It finally all comes together for them, all the sounds they've been learning and when they finally get it they feel so proud and excited!!!!
Thanks Maureen for the fun Africa presentation and Dancing!
TAASC: Rock Climbing Sessions: Rope Climbing
TAASC: Rock Climbing Skills Sessions: Rope climbing
Movement Fridays in the afternoon worker Juniors
Music with Sonya
Music with Sonya
Music with Sonya
Spanish with Lango
Spanish with Lango